Options For Fixing The iPhone Screen And Its Cost: Is It Worth The Cost?

When your iPhone strays from your hands and collides with the harsh ground, you hate hearing that sound. We’ve all been there: a cracked iPhone screen can be a real pain, and the first thought that springs to mind when a phone screen is cracked is how much it will cost to fix it. It may be expensive. But don’t worry. We’re here to solve the riddle of how much it will cost to fix your cracked iPhone screen.

The price of repairing a cracked iPhone screen might differ based on the device type, warranty coverage, repair choices, and the severity of the damage, according to specialists in iPhone repair. While third-party repair businesses may charge between $80 and $250, Apple Store screen repairs can cost anywhere from $129 and $379. DIY repair kits may be more cost-effective, but there are hazards. When choosing a choice, quality and dependability must be taken into account.

Third-Party Repair vs. Apple Repair

The cost to fix the phone’s screen is typically approximately $49 for individuals who have Apple Care for their devices. However, if you’re not careful, the cost of this sort of coverage will frequently be greater than the cost of replacing your screen.

Furthermore, this coverage frequently only lasts for two years. After that, repairing a cracked screen becomes quite expensive. When taking into account both customers who have coverage and those who do not, third-party repair firms charge less than Apple, on average. Additionally, they frequently do the repairs faster and could even travel to your area to do so.

The disadvantage in this situation is that some businesses replace screens with subpar glass. As you may anticipate, this will result in even little drops damaging the new screen. If the glass is of poor enough quality, even damage to the iPhone’s rear might result in screen damage.

How Much Do iPhone Screens Cost To Repair?

Let’s say you want to know how much it will cost to replace the iPhone screen. In such a situation, depending on the iPhone model, screen repair prices vary and change. Only if you do not have Apple Warranty should you pay the fee. If, however, you need to replace your screen due to unintentional damage or improper treatment or because you don’t have an Apple Warranty, you will have to pay money. 

Accidental damage is not covered under Apple warranty. You are not required to pay if your iPhone screen cracks while it is still covered by warranty and you have AppleCare+ insurance. The Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+ do not apply if the screen on your iPhone stops operating. You must spend a lot on repairs. Due to the possibility of labour, parts, GST, and other supplemental fees, iPhone screen repair and replacement may differ from shop to shop. 

Is It Better To Replace Or Repair My iPhone?

Most of the time, buying a new iPhone is far more expensive than having it repaired. The screen on your iPhone is quite important to utilizing the device and if it isn’t working properly, that might be challenging. Purchase of a new phone, however, can be preferable in some circumstances.

For instance, repairing the screen on an earlier model iPhone might not be worthwhile. If you consider how much your phone is worth in comparison to the cost of the repair, this might quickly get rather expensive. Your iPhone screen repair may cost more than the value of your phone, depending on where you go. Therefore, it’s important to conduct some study in advance on the various repair services and their costs.

Alternately, if you rely heavily on your iPhone and can’t bear to be without it while it is being fixed, you might need to get a new phone so that you can be sure you have a functional one in your possession. We are aware that not all repair and iPhone maintenance services facilities operate in this manner since it relies on the availability of replacement components. Additionally, if you depend on your phone for work, a few hours without it may still be too long for some people. Therefore, getting your phone screen fixed is generally preferable for you if you won’t be out of cash by doing so or can live without your iPhone for only a few hours out of the day.

Repairing An iPhone Costs

What you need a repair business to fix on your iPhone will determine how much it will cost. For instance, the typical cost of an iPhone screen repair is significantly more than the cost of a complete battery replacement. Of course, a variety of factors affect repair costs. The cost you’ll pay depends on some factors, including the cost of replacement parts, the age of your phone, and the degree of damage. 

Depending on the iPhone model you have, replacing screens might cost anywhere from $60 and $360. The cost of a new battery might range from $50 to roughly $170. Get a quotation from a nearby phone repair business to find out precisely how much a repair will cost you.

Screen Repairs

It could be time for a replacement if your screen is broken and not working anymore. Remember to cover your new screen with a case and a glass screen protector once it has been installed. These two essential items will aid in averting more harm. Your touch screen will receive an additional layer of defence against cracks and chips from tempered glass screen protection and a high-quality casing.

Battery Repairs

It’s time to consider a battery replacement if you often use a portable charger or plug your phone into an outlet. Although Apple provides certified battery replacement services, going with a third-party repair shop might help you save some money. Going to a third-party shop carries relatively little risk because replacing a battery is such an easy and routine repair.

Water Damage

Small aesthetic problems to severe hardware breakdown are all brought on by water damage. The extent of water damage varies from situation to situation. The average cost of water damage repairs is $100. When a phone has water damage, a repair business will dry the inside and drain any remaining water from the ports.

Charger Port Issues

Because their charging port has accumulated dust, sand, grit, and other debris, many iPhone owners have trouble charging their phones. The small charging port is difficult to clean and might become damaged over time if used often with a charging wire. To safeguard your charging port, use a charging mat rather than a lightning wire. However, it would be challenging to prevent this problem given that the charging connector is also utilized for headphones.

Port repairs need soldering, therefore doing it yourself at home is not an option. However, this little component is also not a cause to immediately go out and get a brand-new phone. Repairs to charging ports typically cost between $50 and $100.


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