Charting the Future: Food Pathogen Testing Market to Surge to Projected US$ 49 Billion by 2033 Driven by Safety Concerns

The Food Pathogen Testing Market is witnessing strong growth due to the escalating concerns about food safety. The demand for pathogen detection solutions is driven by strict regulations and heightened awareness of foodborne illnesses. Additionally, the market is expected to expand even more as a result of technological advancements, increased investments in research and development, and a growing emphasis on preventive measures.

It is projected that the worldwide expense of testing for food pathogens will reach around US$ 21.7 billion by 2023. The global market for food pathogen testing is anticipated to grow at an amazing 8.5% annual rate of growth through 2033, according to Future Market Insights. The food pathogen testing market study report estimates that by the end of 2033, the total valuation might reach US$ 49 billion.

During this time, the use of food testing services rose due to the growing demand for packaged and processed foods. The need for food testing services has grown as a result of shifting eating patterns, lifestyle choices, and the acceptance of fast food restaurants.

Growing rates of foodborne illnesses, such as food poisoning and associated ailments, are supporting new developments in the market for food pathogen testing. Many statistics state that each year, one in ten persons worldwide contract a foodborne illness. Food poisoning typically affects children older than five, thus it’s important to closely monitor the food products that are made available through large supply chains.

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The rising issues related to food quality in various hotels and restaurants have catalyzed call services for food pathogen testing. Also, the spread of any such news on social platforms is anticipated to boost the adoption of food testing services.

Food safety testing is hampered by the demand for meeting test requirements (as defined by various regulations) for trading food products. Therefore, in-house testing has been marketed as a viable solution to food safety testing problems in many countries.

Key Takeaways from the Study Report

  • The United States is known for its higher adoption of food pathogen testing services which can be attributed to many foodborne disease outbreaks. Currently, it acquires up to 35% of the revenue share generated by the market globally.
  • The rate of adoption of food pathogen testing services is improving promisingly in the Asia Pacific region. However, the high occurrence of food safety incidents, rising food exports, and food trade have sufficiently advanced the market in China.
  • Technological achievements have secured numerous market opportunities for food pathogen testing companies in Japan. The country is a hub of technology and innovation. This includes food pathogen testing which is growing with continuous research & development.
  • Frequent incidences of novel microbiological contaminants due to growing international trade are driving up the demand for rapid technology. The rising unhygienic food handling practices are increasing the adoption of the technology.

Competitive Landscape for the Market Players

SGS SA, Intertek Group, Eurofins Scientific, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are some leading players in the global food pathogen testing market. They are increasing food testing service sales through various distribution channels to expand the market size. The rising R&D activities and premium quality food items manufactured by top companies are further growing the demand.

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Recent Developments by the Food Pathogen Testing Industries

  • For example, Bureau Veritas Ltd. revealed that it had acquired Advanced Testing Laboratories (ATL) in June 2022. It is a leading company in the United States that aims to strengthen its position and grow across North America.
  • Crystal Diagnostics disclosed in February 2020 that the company has acquired a second patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent was achieved for its unique liquid crystal technology for the quick and precise diagnosis of pathogens spreading foodborne infections.

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