What Suit Color to Choose?

The suit color you choose makes a major impact. While basic blacks and navies are safe options, today’s suits come in diverse hues to fit any aesthetic. Consider the tone you want to set as you ponder suit shades for your next special occasion or everyday wear. Start your search by looking for “mens suits near me to discover stores in your area.

Charcoal Gray

A charcoal gray suit radiates modern refinement. Charcoal grays exhibit richness while maintaining versatility to pair with various colored shirts and ties. They differentiate you from the crowd of black suit wearers. Visit “mens suits stores near me” to browse charcoal options – solids, pinstripes and windowpanes all look sharp.

Navy Blue

As a contemporary neutral, navy blue suits are a staple found in many mens suit stores. This darker blue projects professionalism and confidence across formal, business and casual contexts. Navy suits display sophistication without being stuffy. They also spotlight other accessories like your tie or pocket square.

Tan or Khaki

For a flexible suit hue that fits right into spring and summer, choose tan or khaki. These lighter suit shades have a casual vibe perfect for weddings, social daytime gatherings and warm weather. Tan suits nicely complement bright or pastel dress shirts.

Light Gray

Gray light mens sports jacket for men come as an innovative change from the traditional black and blue suit types. This shade draws people in by its approachability, but also by keeping a business-like look in all situations, the office and the evening alike. Preferable fabrics for this purpose are wool and linen which provide the right comfort and breathabillity. Make your jacket combination inclusive by pairing it with pale blue or another matching color on contrast.

Olive Green

Looking to make a unique style statement? Olive green suits offer an eye-catching alternative to basic blacks and blues. This greenish-brown earth tone allows you to put a modern spin on professional suiting. It also enables versatility to mix and match pieces.


Brown suits in tones like mocha or chocolate deliver a retro touch of vintage allure. Different brown shades add depth and richness. They work year-round for business or social functions. Brown also enables you to highlight brighter accent colors in your outfit like orange or yellow.

Windowpane Patterns

For suits with visual flair, seek out subtle windowpane check or plaid patterns. Available in light and dark colors, windowpanes give your suit stylistic pop. They make you stand out while maintaining a professional edge.


Whatever the occasion may be, visiting Karako suit stores near you is the best way to explore and try on suit colors to determine what complements your complexion and style best. Stepping outside your comfort zone of neutrals can really pay off.

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