Expert Resume Writing Tips For Job Seekers In 2024-25

Due to the current labour shortage, job seekers are at an advantage. They find numerous vacant positions to apply for after they graduate. But that does not mean your resume will not play any role in securing a good position. This document communicates your qualifications to make a difference in the sea of applicants. Consequently, the potential employer will learn about you when deciding whether to call for an interview or not. This scenario compels you to seek resume writing tips to grant a cutting edge to your portfolio.

A well-structured resume will display your skills and expertise attractively to the potential employer. It acts as a powerful marketing tool to highlight your relevant accomplishments and suitability for the position. Many of the applicants fail to make a professional resume. They make mistakes like adding crowded content, using complicated formats, copying the layout they find, etc. The outcome is that your portfolio does not deliver the intent it is supposed to be.

In this guide, we will discuss tips for writing a resume that can help every applicant. Keep reading to help your application stand out.

5 Expert Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

If you are worried about writing your resume and can’t figure out how to design it precisely, you are not alone in this struggle. Even seasoned professionals may baulk when it comes to writing it. But here are the tips for writing a great resume that can take off your worries. However, even after these resume writing tips, if you are still thinking of not composing a competent document, then hire a resume writer to do the expert job for you. These experts may maximise your chances of being called for a job interview. Keep reading to learn the expert’s insights or tips for resume writing.

1. Don’t Try to Cram Every Skill or Work Experience

Think of these tips for writing resumes, as your CV is not a comprehensive list of your career history. It is a marketing document that highlights you as a perfect person for the desired position. So, write about the accomplishments which are most relevant to the position.

For instance, when applying to secure a PhD position, your supervisor is not interested in hearing about your technical work experience. He would love to see your previous research publications or internships that brushed up your research skills. Follow these resume writing tips if you want to be focused on your goal.

2. Choose The Right Resume Format

Consider it one of the best tips on writing a resume. There are several formats available for job seekers to choose from. It might be a functional resume or a combination resume. However, you need to opt for the one which makes your resume copy look professional. Generally, the reverse chronological is a good template to follow up. It may enlist your most recent experience first and then move downward.

3. Keep It Concise

This resume-writing tip may be controversial. This is because there is a hot debate on whether the resume should be two pages or one. No matter what, it’s clear that you want to present information as briefly as possible. In this regard, restricting the content to one page may compel you to prioritise what matters the most for the position.

However, if you have extensive related background expertise which is prevailing on more than one page then don’t restrict it. Go ahead with two pages. After all, you need to define to the employer that your work experience makes you a better applicant to be chosen.

Are you trying to organise your accomplishments on a single page and failing to frame them every time? If so, it is advisable to seek CV writing help from experts. They may help you tailor your resume for a specific job position by using keywords or industry-specific language. This will surely catch the attention of managers or hiring recruiters.

4. Include Relevant Links

Are you confused over how to tell the whole story on a single page? Especially if you want to add examples of your work. Here, add the most important details first and then add the hyperlink that can direct the reader to your website or online portfolios. The use of such an example may assist you in delving more into details that make you an ideal candidate. Just avoid using these hyperlinks on words that are the main keywords in understanding your skills since it can throw off the tool to parse your resume. So, it is better to be mindful of these tips when writing a resume.

5. Stand Out With ATS-Friendly Design Elements

If you intend to stand unique in the sea of Times New Roman format, design a creative resume. To implement these tips for writing a good resume, you can make use of infographics, presentations or videos that can assist in standing unique. However, make sure that this creativity does not compromise your resume’s readability. Here, you can make use of ATS-friendly formatting elements like,

  • Underline or hyperlink your headings.
  • Be choosy about colour combinations.
  • Use different text alignments.
  • Make use of columns that can be read straight across.

What Are The 7 Basic Steps to Writing a Resume?

The resume design differs depending on the designation you are applying for. However, the seven basic steps listed below are essential for every resume. Consider these tips for writing a resume.

  • Come up with an intriguing hook.
  • Illustrate the effect (Be result-oriented).
  • Incorporate soft skills.
  • Emphasis on your knowledge about technology.
  • Be original and fair.
  • Use relevant keywords.
  • Check for errors.

However, considering the increasing competition, if you do not want to risk missing a good work opportunity by crafting a bad resume, then it is better to avail of resume writing services UK. These professionals may grant you an edge over other candidates with their professional presentations. To evaluate their work, you can ask them for resume writing tips and samples to check the quality they claim to offer.


This fact is clear, like daylight, that no matter how many numbers of degree papers you are holding in your hand, it’s all about the way you present your skills to the recruiter. Here is the professional presentation of your resume. The better you enlist all your academic or work excellences in this paper, the better your chances of being considered for the desired position.

For many job seekers who are applying for different job positions, the above guide can be a ray of hope for those who want to learn about writing resume tips. You might get rejected the last time because of the poor resume makeover. But with the above resume writing tips, you can design a winning portfolio. Stick to these highlights and get ready to be called for the next job interview.

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